Memorial Day Getaway Event Schedule 2014

Hosted by:  Big Tigger and Lance Gross

Along With


Music Provided by

Comedy show hosted by Comedian K-Dubb and Friends

  • NO event passes will be sold in the Dominican Republic at the event. ALL event passes must be purchased prior to departure from the United States.

  • No Door sales will take place at the individual events. All events will require an event pass band to enter.

  • If you have booked your getaway with the “Memorial Day Getaway” (, NextLevel Vacations), then you DO NOT NEED TO PURCHASE THE PARTY PACKAGE.  Your Party Pack is already included!

  • If you have chosen an alternate method of booking your vacation other than the “Memorial Day Getaway” (, NextLevel Vacations), you will need to purchase the party package to access events.

  • All Memorial Day Getaway Party Pass Purchases are  non-refundable and have no cash value if unused or partially used.

  • No Refunds will be issued.

  • A photo ID and matching credit card used will be required to pick up your party package documents.

  • Memorial Day Getaway Events will take place in venues on and off of the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Property.

  • You must be a guest staying at the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club to access events held on the resort property.

  • If you are not a guest staying at the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club you will be subject to limited access with the purchase of a Day Pass from the resort.

  • All VIP sections will be reserved for purchase by MDG booked guests only.

  • All guests are responsible for any food and or beverages ordered at all “off resort” events. All-Inclusive is only available on the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort properties.

  • The Memorial Day Getaway is not responsible for any event being delayed or rescheduled due to weather.

  • All events are subject to change.

                                  VIP World On Resort

                                             7PM –  11PM


                                Ocean World Complex

                                      10:00pm – 4:00am

                                     Resort/Puerto Plata

                                             8:00am – 3pm

                                    Ocean World Complex

                                              5pm – 8pm

                                 Ocean World Complex

                                          8pm – 11pm

  Featuring Comedian K-Dubb, Lil Rell, and Rip Michaels

                                 Ocean World Complex

                                          11pm – 4am

                                   Resort/Puerto Plata

                                          8am – 3pm

                                  Resort Crown Suites Pool

                                         2pm – 7pm

                                 Ocean World Complex

                                         9pm – 4am

                              Playa Dorada Golf Course

                                      9am – 2pm

                                  Ocean World Complex   

                                         2pm – 7pm


6pm – 11pm

Resort Beach

11pm – 3am 

Puerto Plata

9am – 3pm

Ocean World Complex

7pm – 11pm

Ocean World Complex

11pm – 3am